chakrasOur ability to be aware stems from the consciousness with which we are all imbued at birth, yet we may not always be consciously aware of all that we create. This is one of the trickiest lessons to learn about beliefs: they are understandings about our reality that we no longer question. However, as we dive deeper into beliefs about ourselves, patterns of thoughts and emotions, like layers of an onion, may begin to peel away.  This inner work may bring forth parts of yourself you never even knew existed, and this is the source of personal growth. It is important to mention that intention is key. How you create your life is directly connected to how you use your energy. Are you in the driver’s seat or are you a passenger? Where there is a will there always is a way!

It is to our benefit that we devote time for self-reflection. In order to be genuinely empowered we must individually accept responsibility for our life. If we remain closed-minded to the reasons why we can’t attain whatever it is we want, we are unable to grow in awareness. We must overcome fear by healing thought patterns that no longer serve us. All realities are occurring at the same time and it is our choice as to which one to create. Personal responsibility paves the way for new levels of awareness by clearing out blocked energies. We are here to grow, to evolve … and we are all in this together.