Your journey to healing, progress, and inward discovery begins here.

My name is Adrian Romero and I am an intuitive energy healer. After experiencing a spiritual awakening in 2013, I began to reinterpret the world around me and my relationship to the whole. While working as a civil engineer at the time I began to learn more about spirituality, and set out to understand how to live a deeply spiritual life while applying and integrating all experiences from everyday life: fear and love, wrong and right, no and yes.


Throughout history, science has been a tool to help us learn about who we are and why we are here. We are all a part of the whole, the entirety of existence, and so the answers to life’s questions can be found within us. The concept that everything lies within us is nothing new: without going within, you go without. Have you ever heard the expression “you reap what you sow”? This is one common way, taught by sages and adepts for millennia, to interpret Karma, i.e. what you send out to the universe comes back to you. This way of thinking ties into the concept that Thoughts create Reality.


Our ability to be aware stems from the consciousness with which we are all imbued at birth, yet we may not always be consciously aware of all that we create. This is one of the trickiest lessons to learn about beliefs: they are understandings about our reality that we no longer question. However, as we dive deeper into beliefs about ourselves, patterns of thoughts and emotions, like layers of an onion, may begin to peel away. This inner work may bring forth parts of yourself you never even knew existed, and this is the source of personal growth. It is important to mention that intention is key. How you create your life is directly connected to how you use your energy. Are you in the driver’s seat or are you a passenger? Where there is a will there always is a way!


Discover Your Inner I AM