I AM THAT I AM is the name of God given to Moses in the Bible. When spoken out loud, this name invokes a knowingness of Who. We. Really. Are. Who are we, you might ask? We are physical manifestations of Spirit in action. I AM THAT I AM connects to your I AM-presence, your divine self. When connected to your I AM-presence you live in the now; you are in perfect balance with yourself and the world around you. You claim ownership of the Creator within you.

How to Enjoy

Before consuming, first take a mindful moment to create an intention for yourself: what would you like to experience or get clarity on? This can be as small or large as you like. Once your intention is created, enjoy and allow bliss to unfold and fill your energetic space.


I AM THAT I AM and I AM One with The Universe

Crystals Used During Blessing

Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Super Seven, Labradorite


Organic Oolong Tea, Organic Lavender, Organic Vanilla, Organic Lotus Leaf

Steeping Suggestions

Brew 2tsp of tea for every 8oz of pure spring or filtered water at 185° F. 4-5 minutes.

Contains Caffeine.