Tea is an illustrious beverage that is rich in ancient culture and tradition. Dating back thousands of years, it is a beverage that continues to play an intricate role in modern day society. There are many avenues to discuss when talking tea, there is one in particular I would like to talk about.

In 2013 I experienced a spiritual awakening that opened my eyes to a calling much grander than I could imagine. I began listening to my intuition more, allowing it driver seat access to direct where I need to go. This hasn’t been the easiest task at times, but it is the foundation of who I am today. As a result, the Universe has guided me in becoming an intuitive energy healer and create a line of Reiki infused teas.

Since I can remember I always enjoyed tea, but it wasn’t until two years ago that tea really came knocking on my door. Or perhaps I should say, knocking on my third eye. During meditations I began getting messages about tea. Pamphlets advertising tea suddenly started arriving in the mail, and friends began talking about tea, through no influence from me. I was now seeing tea everywhere, but I had no idea why. Already a certified Reiki master at the time, I meditated to understand what this all meant. The call compels the answer. Clarity came and I soon found myself developing a line of teas that are infused with healing energy.

Because of tea’s vast history, it can sometimes be intimidating when one decides to learn more. It is well known that ingredients in tea can contain medicinal properties. There are so many herbs and spices available to us around the World, and generations before us have been using them holistically. These ingredients are the foundation to modern medicine.

Keeping this in mind, I set out to develop four blends of tea made from ingredients known to contain holistic properties. Mugwort, Dandelion Root, Jasmine Flower, and Lavender are just a few of those ingredients used. The goal was to create something beyond just a great tasting tea. The main reason why I started working with teas is so they can aid in something a lot of us could benefit having support in, Spirituality. We are physical manifestations of Spirit, and I believe at times we cut ourselves short with how powerful we truly are. Thoughts create Reality. I tell all who will listen that I believe the two most powerful words in the English language are “I AM.” The reason for this is because everything you say afterwards creates your reality. I find this to be true, and this thinking is quickly becoming widely accepted.

On January 1, 2017, I launched I AM Teas. I AM Teas is designed to assist people on their individual spiritual path. Each organic loose leaf blend is meditated upon and blessed with healing energy. Each blend is also charged by specially chosen crystals to aid in the blessing. The four blends target specific energy that is vital to living a fulfilling life. I AM Grounded, I AM Love, I AM THAT I AM, and I AM a Dreamer are truly unique teas that I believe everyone can benefit from. To your health! I AM Thankful.