Reiki infused tea is a term that isn’t tossed around very often. Reiki itself has only been in existence about 100 years, so it has taken some time for people to hear about this healing modality. After I became certified in Reiki I immediately started thinking about how I can use this modality for myself and others. We know that Reiki assists in the healing of mind, body, and spirit, so I want to dig a bit deeper into how it assists the Spirit, and how this energy can be transferred into tea to help promote a more healthy and mindful life.

What we put into our body is intrinsically connected to the life we live. We’ve all heard the expression, “you are what you eat.” Well the same rings true with what we drink. Tea has been consumed in ritualistic, ceremonial, and holistic practices for millennia. My husband and I are blessed to have witnessed a tea ceremony when we visited Kyoto, Japan in 2016. Kyoto is such a magical and beautiful city, and is also the city where Reiki was founded. It was on this trip that I gained more understanding in what I AM Teas is, and how it would help people to live a healthier and more meaningful life. In my previous article I mentioned how the ingredients in tea and herbs found around the world are the fundamental building blocks to modern medicine. So we know that teas alone can heal various ailments, but what if it were possible to get an extra boost? Zen Buddhism is the primary influence of the Japanese tea ceremony; the practice is a spiritual art form and is the inspiration for Reiki infused teas. Soon after our trip to Japan I began to develop tea blends that I felt people would benefit from. I had a clear vision that the teas I made would assist people in specific parts of their spiritual journey, and that these teas would be blessed with the energy related to each blend. Though I wasn’t entirely sure how this would be done, I knew it was something I had to create. I didn’t have to know every step of the way, but simply take each step one at a time.

I have mentioned a number of times that Thoughts create Reality. Well, actions also speak louder than words, so when it came time to finally blessing the teas I was ready to put into action everything that I had worked up to. I had all four blends of the teas bagged and sealed, and had about fifteen bags made for each blend. I was sitting in my healing room and the bags were laid out in front of me. I placed the chosen crystals around each set of blends, and began to play some relaxing meditation music. My intention was to do the blessing by saying something to the effect of “love and light, blessed be, you are blessed” and so on. I say this with a bit of humor as the spiritual community tends to use a lot of flowery language like that. There is nothing wrong with that, but that is not who I am, so I don’t know why I thought I was going to do that. The reality is, I didn’t know what I was going to do, or how. So much had led to this point, so to say I was a little nervous would be an understatement. I however never lost faith that everything would happen how it’s supposed to.

So I sat in lotus pose and allowed the meditation music to quiet my mind as I sat in front of the teas. I became more relaxed and after about five minutes I felt the urge to join my hands in prayer position. I sat like that for several more minutes, being thankful for what I was doing, invoking as much love as I could. Soon after that in my mind’s eye I saw a big and bright orb of light hoovering a couple of feet above my head. I then heard “this is how the healing will bedone,” and then I immediately saw a beam of light shoot down from the orb, through my head, down through my arms, and to my hands. My hands were still in prayer position as this occurred. The energy in my hands built for several seconds and I then heard a soft voice say, “open your hands onto the teas.” I did so and I immediately burst into tears. In my mind I saw the energy travel from my hands onto each bag of tea. I was overwhelmed with emotion. The transfer of energy from my hands lasted a couple of seconds, and I soon after returned my hands to prayer position. I continued to meditate for a couple more minutes; I was in full gratitude, and my heart was filled with immense love. It is an experience I will never forget.

After the blessing, I AM Teas was fully realized, and it was an experience filled with joy and love. I AM Teas is not just me, I am but a vehicle to help spread the love and wonderment that The Universe has to offer. I feel grateful to be a part of this and my desire is to help as many people as possible.

So can Reiki infused teas help you? Thoughts create Reality, but set that aside for a moment. Let’s say these teas have a placebo effect on you, then wonderful! Say you know that Thoughts create Reality, then even better, because every blend of tea is energized with Love. My reality is that Love conquers all, and that is the emotion that goes into every bag of Reiki infused tea. So whether you buy my teas believing at the very least you’ll experience a placebo effect, because you have an inner knowing of the profound effects a product like this can have, or because you have a desire to explore the multiverse, let’s experience all of this together, one sip at time. Love and light, blessed be, you are blessed.